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Please remember that when contacting the companies below, the ESA or your representatives to be polite, but direct, in what you would like to see happen.  Name calling, threats or rude language will not help convince anyone that they should listen to you.

If you’ve already contacted ESA members, consider heading over to our Contact Congress page and dropping your representatives a line next!

A few other places I know have encouraged games to act, but I wanted to build this page as a one-stop-shop for information on contacting companies.  I know that Gamasutra and Destructoid both called out to gamers to take action.  Joystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun have been coordinating to pin down companies support of SOPA.  However, it’s take a fair amount of time to gather and organize all their contact information, which isn’t something I had seen anyone do in this form yet.

Below you will find the contact information for every member of the ESA who has either expressed support of SOPA, or refused to clarify what their position is.  In many cases, it was difficult to find an email address for many of these companies.  If possible, I chose a general email address.  If that wasn’t obviously available, I chose the corporate or press email address.  And finally if neither of those was available, then I would chose an individual person’s address whose title put them in a position of being a good contact for an email like this.  For any company with no email listed, then I was not able to locate one.

If you have contact information, or better contact information, for any of these companies, please let me know in the comments below.

In virtually every case, I was able to find a Twitter or Facebook account for each member of the ESA.

I encourage you to contact these companies through every possible method.  Like their pages on Facebook so that you can leave a comment on their wall and send them a message via Twitter.  Finally, send them an email with a more detailed message.

The fastest and easiest way to take action is to click on this link to automatically load up a shortened version of the letter below and all the available email addresses. The letter in the link is shortened due to the limitations with using the mailto link this way. Feel free to use it, modify it, or write your own. Make sure you sign it with your own name at the bottom. You can find a longer version of the letter and an easy to copy list of addresses at the bottom of the page.

An example of a Facebook message would be:

Please make your stance on #SOPA clear. Your consumers oppose SOPA because it is a dangerous extension of power that may cripple the web.  Your continued support of the ESA means that you are silently supporting SOPA as well.

A Twitter message might be:

Help us stop #SOPA! You are currently helping to pass it by silently letting the ESA represent you. Your fans oppose SOPA!

345 Games – TwitterFacebook
505 Games
Contact Form – TwitterFacebook
Capcom USA, Inc.
Contact FormTwitter Facebook
Deep Silver – Twitter Facebook
Disney Interactive Studios, Inc. 
818-553-5000 – Twitter Facebook
Eidos Interactive
310-846-0400 – TwitterFacebook
Electronic Arts – Twitter Facebook
Her Interactive, Inc. – TwitterFacebook
Ignition Entertainment – Twitter Facebook
Konami Digital Entertainment – (310) 220-8100 – Twitter Facebook
Contact FormTwitter Facebook
Microsoft Corporation
Contact FormTwitter Facebook
Namco Bandai Games America Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Natsume Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Nexon America, Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Nintendo of America Inc. – Twitter Facebook
NVIDIA – Twitter Facebook
O-Games, Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Perfect World Entertainment – Twitter Facebook
SEGA of America, Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Contact FormTwitter
Sony Computer Entertainment America – Twitter Facebook
Sony Online Entertainment, Inc. – TwitterFacebook
Square Enix, Inc. – TwitterFacebook
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. – Twitter –  Facebook
Tecmo Koei America Corporation – Twitter Facebook
THQ, Inc.  
Contact FormTwitter Facebook
Ubisoft Entertainment, Inc. – Twitter Facebook
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.  
Twitter Facebook
XSEED Games – Twitter Facebook

For now, I’ve left four companies off this list. 38 Studios, Epic Games, Inc., Nival, and Trion Worlds, Inc. have all publicly come out against SOPA and several them claimed to be talking to ESA about its support. It may still be a nice gesture to drop these companies a line and tell them that you appreciate their stance.

If you prefer, you may also prefer to copy the email list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And copy the form letter:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you today about the legislation commonly known as SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act.  I feel that SOPA represents a real and present danger to the internet as we know it, and may stifle innovation and creativeness if enacted in it’s current form.  Experts from a variety of industries have expressed their opposition to SOPA, for many different reasons.  SOPA may undermine general internet security, it may jeopardize national security, and it may unconstitutionally deprive citizens of free speech.  It concerns me to see so many talented companies, most of whom I have been a customer of, continue to support this bill.

I also recognize the challenge of trying to curtail piracy and protect the investments you as a company have made.  I encourage you though to seek other measures besides a heavy handed, overreaching law that endangers thousands of websites who have not engaged in any illegal activity.  Your own fans may end up being the targets of this legislation, even if they have never pirated a single game.  I do not believe this is healthy for the gaming industry.  As the music industry has shown repeatedly, targeting fans does not help protect your investments.

As a member of the ESA, you are currently actively supporting this bill by your support of the ESA.  I implore you to contact the ESA to ask them to reverse their support.  And I encourage you to come forward, publicly, in opposition to this bill.

We must protect the web as we know it and the innovation it has brought the world by ensuring that misguided efforts such as SOPA do not become law.

A Concerned Gamer,

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